Shubukan combat techniques

The striking techniques of Taijiquan are also applicable to other different martial arts.
For example, although kicking techniques are less common in Taijiquan, Taijiquan body usage can be applied to kicks and how to counter them.
Please refer to the video.

Video: Shubukan combat techniques

Plane-type attack: application in karate Kata, application in Karate offense and defence
Application of Taijiquan to Karate sparring: low kick - positioning outside the opponents elbow - total movement - movement of center-of-gravity
Applying Taijiquan in Karate techniques: counter for drop heel kick - shifting the center of gravity of the opponent.
Application of Taijiquan to Kickboxing: forward (順) and back (背) - footwork - counters for knee strikes - defence for middle kick - Offense and defence for punching.
Combat kicking technique - applications
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