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Shubukan Martial Art

At the Headquarters Dojo of the Mukeijuku foundation we practice Shubukan based on the principles of Taijiquan and show how these fundamentals can be applied to many martial arts.
In order that everyone can be aware of the marvel of Taijiquan. On this site we show how through the comprehensive martial art of Shubukan the treasures of Taijiquan can be applied even outside the category of Taijiquan.

History of Shubukan Martial Art

Mr. Hideyuki Ikeda, representative of Mukeijuku Foundation, believe that Taijiquan's utilization of the whole body is applicable to all aspects of the martial arts such as; throwing, striking, grappling and weapons. However, he feels that is not the general impression that people have.

From this point of view, he established "Shubukan Martial Art (秀武館武術)" with the intention of introducing people from different martial arts to the treasures to be found within the principles of Taijiquan.
He desires to explain deeply not only the routines of Taijiquan but also the technique of Taijiquan and the usage of body (body operation) for actual combat situations.

He will continue to teach and practice the routines of Taijiquan in "Mukeijuku (無形塾)".

About Shubukan Martial Art


Mr. Hideyuki Ikeda

Mr. Hideyuki Ikeda, representative of Mukukejyuku Foundation.

Holds Black belts in Gojyu-ryu, Uechi-ryu and Ryukyu Weapon.

He was born in 1951.

He started his martial art career in 1972 when he received black belts in Karate, Gojyu and Uechi style, and Ryukyu Weapon.

He visited to Chenjiagou (陳家溝), the birthplace of Chen-style Taijiquan, for short periods in 1982 . After this visit, he devoted himself to the practice of Chen-style Taijiquan.

He started his coaching career of Chen-style Taijiquan around the suburbs of Tokyo at Higashimurayama sports center and Yokota Air Force Base in Tokyo since the mid-80's. In particular he coached Chen-style Taijiquan to GI and civilian at Yokota Air Force base for ten years.
In 2003 he started to teach Chen-style Taijiquan in Gold Gym in Tokyo.
The Honbu Dojo was established in September, 2008 in Omori, Tokyo.
In 2009 he opened the Chen-style Taijiquan class in Tachikawa, Tokyo.

He is currently the chief instructor of Mukeijyuku. But coaching on the forms of Chen-style taijiquan is by Yanase-shihan. Allowing Mr. Mr. Ikeda to spend more time teach trusted students the comprehensive martial art of Shubukan.

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